• Group Life Counselor I

    Josephine County
    Job Description
    Open until filled. Applications will be reviewed every two weeks. To apply visit our Job Opportunities website: https://www.governmentjobs.com/careers/josephine

    Josephine County Juvenile Justice Department provides residential care and detention services to youth in Josephine and neighboring counties. The residential program is a statewide resource that operates under the Behavioral Rehabilitative Services or BRS federal guidelines. The detention facility operates under Oregon Revised Statutes, which includes evidenced based programming that may include cognitive behavioral treatment programming, educational services, alcohol and drug treatment and evaluations, mental health services and medical services. Both of these programs rely on and collaborate with other state and local agencies. These agencies may include juvenile and adult courts, attorneys, Department of Human Services, law enforcement and the public. jchrtest001
    • Staff oversees all aspects of daily living which include but are not limited to, education, recreation, facilitating both group and individual interventions based on department approved curriculum and training, Staff also serves as the primary resource for the youth in these programs and conducts themselves in a professional manner at all times, role modeling respect towards youth, co-workers and our shareholders.
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