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  • LifeVantage ~ Tom Parker

    LifeVantage ~ Tom Parker


    Health & Wellness

    About Us

    I represent a rapidly growing NASDAQ publicly traded company, LifeVantage (ticker: LFVN), within the Health & Wellness Industry. The company has developed an all-natural, patent protected technology proven to slow the aging process by reducing oxidative stress by 40% in 30 days in all mammals.The new science is known as Nutrigenomics which refers to the effect of food on gene expression.

    This is accomplished by activation of the Nrf2 protein within the cells, causing the genes to produce beneficial enzymes that help the body neutralize free radicals at a ratio of 1,000,000 to 1 throughout the body. There are 31 published studies at the National Institutes of Health (www.pubmed.gov) by independent 3rd parties (universities and government agencies) validating the amazing effects of this Nrf2 technology.

    Washington State University states that raising Nrf2 in the body is ''the biggest breakthrough in the history of medicine.'' The company's flagship product, Protandim, was initially marketed in health stores across the nation, but eventually removed from the shelves and placed into a ''word of mouth'' business model, allowing for regular people, with a desire, to create long-lasting residual income by sharing this valuable information. The company now has an amazing product line based on this game-changing technology of Nutrigenomics.

    I am part of a growing community of purpose driven people in pursuit of improving their health and wealth. The company is globally expanding and we are looking for customers and business partners. This is your invitation!


    Biohacking for a better you!
    Protandim, the Nrf2 synergizer
    Scientifically proven
    International Stevie winner
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