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  • Siskiyou Tree Experts

    Siskiyou Tree Experts


    Tree Expert & Arborist

    About Us

    Siskiyou Tree Experts is a full service tree care provider in Grants Pass and surrounding communities. ISA Certified Arborist on staff dedicated to ensuring your tree care needs are met in a professional and affordable manner. We take Pride in providing services that cohere to our industries standard(ANSI A300) along with great customer service. Services include,

    Expert Pruning
    Hazardous Tree Removal
    Stump Grinding
    Mistletoe Management
    Soil Amendments
    Tree Diagnostics
    And More!


    Pruning a Fruitless Mulberry Tree to clear Limb from the home and remove deadwood. We also pruned this tree to improve the structure to eliminate future breakage.
    Removing a large declining Valley Oak tree using a 60 ton crane!
    Doug Tripp and his wife Darcee and their daughter Paige.
    Chipping the debris from a removal
    Drought stressed Douglas Fir tree before we removed the dead branches and reduce the end weight on some heavy limbs.
    Drought stressed Douglas Fir tree after we removed the dead branches and reduce the end weight on some heavy limbs.
    Mistletoe is a parasitic shrub that roots into tree branches, where they absorb water and minerals. In severe infestations, mistletoe can kill a tree. Our qualified staff have experience in mistletoe removal.

    Rep/Contact Info

    Doug Tripp
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