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    Grants Pass & Josephine County Chamber of Commerce!

    Mission: We support and promote our local commerce through communication, advocacy and partnerships!

    Still advocating for you and your business. 

  • Newsletter Ad Rates

  • The Chamber newsletter provides timely information and is the best resource for Chamber Members who need to reach a targeted audience through advertising. With a circulation of near 750, this publication is emailed to all Chamber members and provided to non-members as part of the Chamber’s overall marketing plan.

  • Chamber Newsletter Advertisement Rates





    Business Card

    3 ½” x 2”

    $35 Color

    $325 Color

    ¼ Page

    3 ½” x 4”

    $60 Color

    $500 Color

    ½ Page

    7 ½” x 4 ½”

    $100 Color

    $900 Color

    Full Page

    7 ½” x 10”

    $130 Color

    $1400 Color

  • Other Available Print Advertising

    BUYER’S GUIDE Quarterly  Publication  1 Listing by Category     $40/Year - $20 add. categories
     *    The newsletter is published electronically, monthly and consists of at least 20 pages.
     *    Images are accepted in JPG, TIF, EPS & PDF at 300DPI 
     *    Email ads to Christy at gpcoc@grantspasschamber.org
     *    Deadline for camera-ready ads is the 12th of each month.
     *    Ads are sold on a fi rst-come fi rst-served basis and subject to availability.
     *    Deadline for inserts is the 15th of the month.
     *    The Buyer’s Guide is published quarterly and mailed to members with the newsletter.

  • Website Semi-Annual Advertising Rates


    SIZE W x H




    210 x 120 pixels


    All ad pages except home page


    210 x 230 pixels


    All ad pages except home page

    Home Page

    210 x 120 pixels


    Home Page Only

    Site Banner 700 x 130 pixels $350.00 All ad pages
  • Banner Sponsorship
    522 x 144 pixels $350 Online Directory Page
     *    All ads must be static, no fl ash, no animation
     *    Resolution = 72 dpi
     *    File format = jpg, gif or png
     *    Standard Ads are 2 per page
     *    Featured Ads are 1 per page
     *    All ads are non-exclusive except the Banner Sponsorship ad
     *    Ad rotation is managed by the ad serving program to ensure balanced exposure
     *    Deadline for ad is the 15th of prior month for placement on the 1st
     *    All ads must be web ready. No design services are provided by the Chamber
     *    $15 maintenance fee to change ad during the year contract
     *    Must be a chamber member in good standing

    Lobby TV
    ads are $100 per month.

    Mailing Labels
    excel spreadsheet for mail merge = $80, printed labels = $50