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Welcome to Grants Pass & Josephine County

We support and promote our local commerce through communication, advocacy and partnerships!



Your Connection to our Community



The Grants Pass & Josephine County Chamber of Commerce works every day to make our community a place where businesses can grow and prosper, where people want to raise their families and tourists want to visit!

The Chamber is dedicated to helping local companies grow their businesses and create a thriving economy. We serve as the voice for businesses and focus on creating a strong business climate. We offer networking, advocacy, connections, marketing, and community engagement!

We are your connection to Grants Pass & Josephine County.

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So Aspire


Meghan Boehm, CFO
Southern Oregon Aspire

I am deeply proud and honored to be a part of the Grants Pass Chamber of Commerce, which has served as a cornerstone of support and advocacy for local businesses for the past 100 years.

Through its unwavering dedication, the Chamber continues to provide invaluable resources, foster beneficial connections, and facilitate numerous opportunities for economic growth. By tirelessly advocating for its members and spearheading initiatives, the Chamber exemplifies the power of collaboration and collective action.

Its diverse array of networking events, educational seminars, and community events continually enrich the lives of residents and businesses throughout Grants Pass and Josephine County, demonstrating a genuine commitment to enhancing our collective well-being and prosperity.



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