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Chamber Foundation

Mission statement

The Grants Pass & Josephine County Chamber Foundation was created to help support businesses,
entities, and activities to be successful through projects and help the community thrive.

Vision statement

Facilitate growth of the foundation to accomplish its purpose.

The Chamber Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit that is a visible extension of the Chamber of Commerce
to help fund projects to improve Josephine County. The foundation was started in 2001 and since then
has been involved with many projects for our community and projects to further the mission of the Chamber of Commerce.

Foundation Board of Directors

Foundation Board of Directors 

Chair- Lowell Gibson
Vice Chair- Roy Lindsay
Secretary- Rebecca Stoltz
Treasurer- Greg Roe
Director- Hyla Lipson
Director- Terri Wiley
Director- Lawton Lesueur

Ex-Officio- Josie Molloy, Chamber President & CEO
Ex-Officio- Trent Carpenter, Chamber Chair
Ex-Officio- Kate Lasky, Chamber Incoming Chair

The Chamber Foundation facilitates and supports programs that create a healthy business environment
and stable employment base, education and leadership development, beatification, and arts and
culture. Some examples of projects the Chamber Foundation has made an impact on include securing
several grants for youth programs including Exchange for Change and Lemonade Day.

The Foundation was the fiduciary sponsor of Exchange for Change. Exchange for Change is a program for Josephine
County youths to have an inter-ethnic rural urban summer exchange experience. Lemonade Day
teaches youth how to start, own and operate their first business. Last year 200 kids went through the
program. The Foundation has also secured grant funds to beautify the community including funding for new signage, updating the visitor kiosk, and new landscaping.